SPCC (Spill Prevention Control & CounterMeasure)

Planning, monitoring, and maintaining a fuel-oil Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure (SPCC) plan in compliance with Federal regulations takes expertise beyond what many facilities can reliably manage on their own. And with EPA penalties costing $37,500 per day, the stakes are high.

With EES’s highly experienced specialists at your service, you will save money, hassle and worries.

  • SPCC Plan – EES evaluates your storage tanks and provides a full-blown plan addressing all Federal SPCC regulations.
  • SPCC Training – EES provides one hour of site-specific training with a PowerPoint presentation for employees that handle oil at your facility.
  • SPCC Audit – From inspection and testing to setting up your staff on our proprietary software for record-keeping, EES makes sure you’re in compliance.

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