Environmental and Energy Solutions Compliance Tracking Software (COMPTRAC) is our exclusive, proprietary tool specifically designed to track all applicable environmental regulatory tasks, permits, inspections, deadlines, and renewal times as mandated by city, state, and federal agencies. COMPTRAC keeps you current with all additions or modifications made to your equipment by quickly updating your facility records. 


EESCTS makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. User-friendly, capable of running on most computers with Windows, UNIX or LINUX and any web browser, COMPTRAC:

  • Keeps a complete inventory with technical data for all your equipment
  • Tracks permit expirations, agency inspection and more, and sends reminders via email
  • Stores permits from New York agencies for your review
  • Generates reports on each category of equipment and for quick assessment
  • Analyzes your needs to meet current code
  • Alerts you to non-compliance issues and suggests corrective actions
  • Provides fast and accurate data and reports for inspections

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